Plastic RainwaterTanks Steel Silos / Metal Tanks

Metal tanks we manufacture include mild steel, 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel and special alloys.

Plastic Tanks

RWI is a manufacturer of tanks for every industrial, commercial and food service application. We manufacture plastic tanks for hydrochloric and nitric acids, sulfuric acid pickling and other operations involving extreme pH or temperatures, as well as tanks for less aggressive conditions.

RWI specializes in 1" plastic tanks manufactured from polypropylene; we also manufacture tanks (and tank accessories) from PE, PVC and PVDF.

RWI designs each tank to the application. We offer rectangular, circular and custom shapes, with open tops, cone bottoms and other features. We also design and fabricate hoods and ducting for your project. RWI specializes in tank projects with special requirements, such as a maximum height or footprint, tanks for heavy material, and tanks with exceptional capacity (such as lengths of 100' or more.)

Polypropylene Tanks

Of all the plastic tanks, polypropylene (PP) is the lightest in weight. It has a high strength-to-weight ratio, and is mechanically resilient.

Polypro Tank

Polypro is a resilient material. If damage occurs, repairs can be made easily by plant personnel.

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