Mezzanines - Equipment, Access, Work Platforms


  • Access Platforms

  • Work Platforms

  • Equipment Platforms

RWI manufactures mezzanines, work platforms and access platforms, also cross-overs and catwalks, for manufacturing, assembly and distribution facilities, also for systems integrators material handling companies and material handling design firms. We proudly serve customers throughout Michigan, Ohio and Illinois.

RWI designs and manufactures mezzanines to achieve a broad range of goals:

  • To expand manufacturing areas without the cost and chaos of major construction
  • To add storage
  • To create office space with a full view of production lines
  • To create a convenient break space for workers
  • To add storage
  • To isolate specialty areas such as quality testing, while staying close-by production
  • For specialized equipment such as air emissions control
  • To create a packing area convenient to the end of a production line
  • To create a separate area for assembly

RWI has the expertise to develop and fabricate mezzanines and elevated work platforms from light to heavy-duty that are ideally suited to industrial and commercial applications. We also provide stairs, sliding gates, and handrails for mezzanines.

Contact us for mezzanines, work platforms, access platforms, or other custom facility equipment!